1) 1.5" color display.

2) long lasting 1650 mAh battery.

           Yes our most loved mobile brand NOKIA is lauching its iconic NOKIA 3310 again in next week. HMD global is the company which holds the rights of NOKIA brand. this NOKIA 3310 will be having color display and radio. actually nokia is revising or old memories with some upraded features. as we all know that once upon a time nokia 3310 was the mobile phone which evry one want to keep it in thier pocket. NOKIA 3310 was famous for its durability. the mobile was so strong that if we drop it from first floor it will not brake.

            this NOKIA 3310 reboot will availabe in different different colors. it will come with 1.5" screen. rumoured also says that this handset will have back camera also. this mobile will have 1650 mAh battery which will give very long lasting battery backup. it will be good if nokia will launch this mobile with VoLTE support. the price which HMD global sets for this is around Rs 4000.

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